Mayor Bill de Blasio defended his decision to go Germany this past weekend.

The mayor has come under fire for leaving the city right after the killing of a city police officer.

He says he wouldn't have gone overseas if the funeral had been this weekend, and that he didn't announce the trip until the last minute because he was waiting to find out when the funeral would be.

De Blasio was also criticized for taking on an issue that is not part of city business. But during his weekly segment on Road to City Hall, the mayor says he was speaking out against an issue that affects everybody.

"I consider it something that's very much in the interests of all of us, that mayors around the world are going to have to find a way to provide leadership, bluntly, when our national governments are failing to," de Blasio said. "And climate change is one of the best examples. You got 300-plus leaders of American cities who've agreed to stick to the Paris accords even though our national government has moved away from it."