Two more potential challengers to Rep. Chris Collins (R-27) announced they are running for congress as Democrats.

Grand Island Town Supervisor announced he’ll be running with the message that America isn’t just for the elite. McMurray says he plans to fight of the middle class, working on issues that impact everyday life.

“Healthcare, infrastructure, education,” McMurray said. “The things that everyday people care about. The things that people here in Western New York fights with and tries to have for their families.”

McMurray hopes his campaign promises will coax Republicans to cross party lines and vote for him.

Joan Seamans will also run as a Democrat for the 27th congressional district.

The longtime owner of Short Street Photographers in the village of Willamsville announced her candidacy Sunday. Her message: It’s time for trickle up economics. Seamans is new to the political scene, but has been working as an activist for Western New Yorkers for several years.

Seamans and McMurray join Sean Bunny, Nick Stankevich and Thomas Casey as potential Democratic challengers to Chris Collins.