The city's only Republican Congressman responds to the tax bills passed by Congress over the weekend.

Dan Donovan from Staten Island, who voted against the bill that passed in the House, says the tax overhaul will be a burden on New Yorkers.

"They've eliminated the personal exemption," the Congressman said. "That's about $4,000 for everyone in your family. So a mom and dad and two children, right off the top can eliminate $16,000 from federal returns. They are going to lose their state and local tax, that's about 10 percent of their salaries."

"We need tax relief, our workers are overburdened, the tax code is complicated, it's unfair. But New Yorkers deserve the same tax breaks as the people and the rest of the country are going to receive from these bills."

Senate and House Republicans will now seek to reconcile differences in the legislation passed by both chambers.

The GOP tax plan is the biggest overhaul of the nation’s tax system in three decades.