Another musical giant is joining the long list of artists playing in Queens this year. Borough reporter Ruschell Boone tells us why Nile Rodgers of Chic is getting into the fold.

"I always make sure that you have hit after hit after hit," Nile Rodgers said. "There is no such thing as tune out time.

It's been a season of legends at Forest Hills Stadium and Nile Rodgers is getting into the act.

The hit-maker and co-founder of the band Chic is bringing his band and his music festival to the venue. For Rodgers, even at age 63, it's a thrill.

"I get to play in the same spot the Beatles played in. I get to play the same spot where Arthur Ashe played," Rodgers said. "Yeah, that's a big deal."

The Freak Out Let's Dance Festival, also known as FOLD, began four years ago in Switzerland.

The head of a popular jazz festival wanted to honor Rodgers; Rodgers instead wanted to highlight the music that brought him success.

"A lot of different music brought me to where I am. You know, not only do I do Chic, and Madonna, and Diana Ross, and Sister Sledge, I did David Bowie," Rodgers said. "I wrote the score to 'Coming to America,' I did 'Thelma and Louise.'"

He also co-wrote and played on Daft Punk's huge single "Get Lucky."

And the list goes on. The festival features several hours of non-stop music with popular and legendary artists playing separately and together on stage.

"A few years ago, I had this vision of disparate type of artists coming together under one roof and just having a crazy party," Rodgers said.

Rodgers says his friends will be playing with him at the stadium — and by friends, he means acts like Earth, Wind & Fire and Bette Middler.

"We get to play together and jam and I get to take her favorite music and hype it with Chic," Rodgers said.

Artists he's had recent success with will also be on the bill.

"Three of the acts that are playing, I've had number one dance records with this year," Rodgers said. "Alex Newell, I have "Kill the Lights" from the series Vinyl.

The festival, which is being billed as appropriate for adults and children, is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 8.