NEW YORK — With her eyes on the City Council speakership, Democrat Gale Brewer on Tuesday evening put a focus on competency and city services.

Speaking with NY1 political anchor Errol Louis on “Inside City Hall,” the Manhattan borough president — who won the general election for City Council District 6 in Manhattan this month — laid out her priorities: making sure basic government services like sanitation run smoothly, and zeroing in on getting the city back to work.

“The top list is just basic services: sanitation, the rats, the scaffolding, figuring out this workforce issue,” Brewer said. “Today, as you heard from the council member, we were under Second Avenue Subway in Harlem, hundreds if not thousands of jobs. We have to be ready for that.”

Brewer, who previously served in the City Council, argued she has the ability to integrate the city’s dozens of agencies to serve New Yorkers.

"How will they work together so we can address this god-awful pandemic?" Brewer said. "These agencies have got to work together. I don't think they are now. And that's why I'm running."

Brewer has also publicly stated, if elected, she will not seek a second term as speaker.

“One term is plenty for me," Brewer said Tuesday. "I think there are others who are coming in now who should have a chance at the second term, if I’m so fortunate to be elected speaker.”

The speaker leads the City Council in setting legislative priorities, making appointments to committees, and is considered a check against the mayor’s power.

The new leader of the legislative body will be voted on by the members of the new Council, after they take office in January.


Watch the full interview above.


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