With the race for mayor heating up, Republicans in New York are also looking at their choices.

One of the candidates hoping to net their support is assets manager Sara Tirschwell. She has spent more than 30 years working on Wall Street, primarily investing in struggling companies and countries, and says she's now running for City Hall because she wants to counter the left-leaning policies implemented by Mayor Bill de Blasio and championed by some of her Democratic rivals.

Tirschwell joined anchor Errol Louis on “Inside City Hall” on Friday to talk about some of her campaign ideas. She said that her background on distressed finance makes her the right person to lead the city on a path to economic recovery.

When it comes to public safety, the Republican candidate said the new mayor will need to "replenish the ranks of the NYPD" and increase police presence on the city’s streets and subways.

She also elaborated on her plan to reform the city’s education system, saying that she wants to expand the "Gifted and Talented" program and invest more heavily on teacher preparation.