As President Trump hits the campaign trail, rallying his base in several key states to vote for GOP candidates, longtime former Trump campaign adviser Sam Nunberg, joined Josh Robin to discuss:

  • Why he still supports Trump after infamously calling him an "idiot" during a media whirlwind in March.
  • What happened since he refused to comply with a subpoena from special counsel Robert Mueller.
  • If he still thinks the president colluded with Russia, after saying in March that Trump "may very well have done something during the election with the Russians."
  • What Steve Bannon has been up to since he was forced out of the White House.
  • Why Nunberg thinks the midterms are, essentially, Trump's first reelection and why the president must walk a fine line amid impeachment fears.
  • If rallying calls for immigration crackdowns will speak to swing state voters.