In a rare introspective interview, Governor Andrew Cuomo looked at the state's history and reflected on his tumultuous political career, noting: "I was a political dead man once."

Touring the Hall of Governors in the state Capitol with NY1 Political Anchor Errol Louis, Cuomo reflected on the achievements of his predecessors and also reveals his own work ethic toward his time in office.

"My father did 12 years, so I understand that it's a marathon, and I think that change takes time, so you should plan for a longer span. But I think you almost have to run it as if it is a sprint, because it is so hard to make change in this environment," Cuomo said.

Looking at the portraits in the hall that he helped renovate, Cuomo said, "It's hard not to walk down this hall and get a palpable sense of the history and that you are a piece of that history. You are working here now, and at one point, there will be a date on the wall that is this date. And what did we accomplish and what did you do, and what have we done that would merit being on that wall?"

While looking at the long array of portraits, Cuomo noted that there are no plans for a picture of Eliot Spitzer, who served as governor for 14 months before resigning in a prostitution scandal.

Cuomo also spoke about the corruption investigations and arrests that are shaking the Capitol, most recently with the arrest of former state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

"You've always had, and you probably always will, have some level of corruption," Cuomo said.

"Power corrupts, and government is a source of power. You have it in the City Council, you have it in the state legislature, you have it in the Congress in the United States. So that continues. I've passed very strong ethics. I hope to get done this year. Because it really to me, casts a shadow on everything we've done."