Advocates for Children have been fighting for a fair and equal education for all children for the past five decades.

Special Education Policy Coordinator Maggie Moroff joined In Focus to talk about what they’re hearing from worried parents as they prepare to send their kids back to school for in-person learning. 

She said, while there are some parents who are anxious to see their children back in school full-time, others are worried about the rapid spread of the Delta Variant, especially among young children, and they are asking at least to start the school year with a remote option. 

Moroff addresses the issues facing students who have already spent one year in isolation and the importance of social interaction, particularly for students with special needs. But she also spoke to the need to make sure every child is considered, whether it’s in terms of the equipment they need to learn or their health and safety in the classroom. 

Her advice to educators: listen to parents before you make any decisions.