Remember way back at the start of the pandemic, when we stepped outside our homes or hung out our windows at 7 P.M. every day to cheer for the frontline workers, risking their lives to save ours?  Well, clappy-hour has come to an end, but those frontline workers, medical staff, first responders, grocery store, postal workers and more are still out there, still risking their lives for us. 

Most of those workers are people of color, and they are paying a high price for their courage. Too many have died, and many more are suffering from a kind of PTSD. And many health care workers have their own doubts and fears about the vaccine. 

Dr. Lisa Zakiya Newland and a group of advocates founded the Community Cares Listening Line to help African American frontline workers deal with the effects of being out there, every day. She'll talk about what they offer: an empathetic ear, guidance for those who need more help than they can give, and information about when and where they can get vaccinated, and how doing so can save their lives and the lives of those around them.