You can’t truly celebrate Harlem Week without knowing something about this history of this world-renowned neighborhood. Glenn Hunter and his brothers got together to form the Harlem Cultural Archives, a way of documenting the neighborhood’s story, past and present. Hunter tells us about the dozens of video interviews with what he calls “elders” they’ve gathered, telling their personal stories of Harlem, how it has changed, and how coming from this special neighborhood has made them the people they are. The Amsterdam News is (you must know this already if you live in New York) among the largest, and oldest, African-American newspapers in the country. Elinor Tatum inherited the paper from her dad, becoming one of the youngest newspaper publishers in the U.S. She grew up covering the story of Harlem, the good and the bad. She tells us about what stories she believes are the most important, and she talks about the difficulties in keeping a newspaper going in today’s tech world.