If you have a Dominican or Puerto Rican grandmother, chances are you have at least one childhood memory of sipping on a hot cup of Chocolate Cortes, the chocolate manufacturing company has been around for more than 90 years and it’s Embajador bars have been a soothing staple in Caribbean homes for generations.

“It’s not just a great flavor. It’s a blast from the past. It’s a nostalgic feeling of my childhood in Puerto Rico. It’s a feeling of culture and tradition all in one sip of chocolate,” said Marcos Crespo.

Chocolate Cortes opened its flagship restaurant in Old San Juan a few years ago, and it quickly became a must visit on the island. Now, chocolate lovers will be able to enjoy that experience in the South Bronx at the all new Chocobar Cortes.

Carlos Cortes is the Creative Director of the family-owned business. He said it was a no-brainer to choose this community for its first location in the U.S. mainland.

“The Bronx is the stronghold of the Puerto Rican and Dominican communities so we wanted to come here. After that, after we set our flag down here, we are excited to go to other places. But we wanted to start where our community is and the people who grew up with our products are,” said Cortes.

Still, he’s hoping to tantalize all New Yorkers to visit, even those who have never tried the chocolate. The menu items include 10 varieties of hot chocolate and some surprising twists like burgers with chocolate ketchup, grilled cheese sandwiches with chocolate butter and bloody marys made with chocolate bitters.

While waiting for their dishes, visitors can check out the comic strips and items depicting La Borinquena, the first afro-Latina superhero to be featured in her own graphic novel.

“The origins of la borinqueña are rooted in the island of Puerto Rico’s mysticism, the mythology of the taínos, the indigenous people of Puerto Rico. They believed in a mother goddess,” said Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, the creater and writer of La Borinqueña.

Outgoing Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. says the flavors and culture of the Chocobar coming to this community represent the growth it has seen in recent years.

“This is consistent with our theme here of creating economic development, creating jobs, but doing it in a way that Latino communities and Latino businesses, Puerto Rican businesses are part of that success,” said Diaz Jr.

And what better way to toast that success during the holiday season, than with a steamy cup of hot chocolate.