Quality family time can be hard to find. Some families have found it by hiring a trainer and working out together.

"What's great about these workouts is the parents role-model for the children, so creating healthy family fitness oriented activities,” says Sara Dimmick, Personal Trainer and Owner of Physical Equilibrium NYC.

Clyde Belgrave and his wife have eight kids and they spend a lot of time exercising together, from riding bikes to skateboarding and playing football. Then there is also the trainer-assisted fit family workout.

"A trainer is great. She tries to keep us in the best condition that we can. A workout with her is very tough, but it's fantastic. Everyone seems to be sore, but they love it afterwards," says Clyde Belgrave, who exercises with his family.

The idea is catching on as families try to carve out time with each other. The workouts are typically done outdoors in a park or backyard. They are good for all ages, and great for families with a bigger goal like running a 5K together.

"We've created the Fam Fit series, which is prenatal fitness, stroller exercise classes and also family workouts," says Dimmick.

Norman Turkowitz and his wife started family workouts when their oldest son was about a year old. Now, both boys are heavily involved in hockey, baseball and soccer.

"It gives them like a line to follow and it keeps us, like I said, on the weekends together," he says.

A healthy lifestyle is also very important to Paula, Norman's wife.

"I remember growing up, I was never encouraged. So I want to make sure my kids have that in their life. It's a good way to be together and share - and it's healthy," she says.

These parents say, by teaching their children these healthy habits early, they hope they will become lifelong habits.