NY1 VIDEO: No longer just the domain of the circus world, flying through the air is a national phenomenon, and this weekend marks the first US Aerial Championships at Baruch College. As part of Fit Kids February on NY1, our Stephanie Simon found out what attracts people to this dance and fitness craze, and why it is a natural for kids.

2015 U.S. Aerial Championships at Baruch College
55 Lexington Ave. South side of 25th St. btwn. Lexington Ave. and 3rd Ave.
Feb 6, 2015: Women's Lyra, Men's Silks. Silva Dance Company. 7pm - 9pm. Doors at 6pm.
Feb 7, 2015: Women's Pole, Men's Pole. AERA Dance Company. 7pm - 9pm. Doors at 6pm.
Feb 8, 2015: Women's Silks, Men's Lyra. Synthesis Dance Company. 3pm - 5pm. Doors at 2pm.

Tickets start at $75.