As we continue our look at New York Fashion Week, so much of what we see is pure perfection—but off the runway we all run into uh-oh moments on a big night. NY1’s Stephanie Simon finds out from the experts what to do when things go wrong.

Whether they're organizing a fashion show, photo shoot or wooing a celebrity for the red carpet, the women of Caravan Stylist Studio expect everything to go right. But when it doesn't— they know what to do.

For example, what do you do about deodorant marks?

“An easy fix for that is just reversing the fabric and kind of rubbing it, rubbing the fabric together to get those marks off,” says stylist Claudine DeSola.

Tan lines?

“Not so attractive, so you can definitely cover that with a little bit of self-tanner,” says beauty director Valerie Star.

Let's face it: fashion emergencies happen to all of us—even actors.

Bad hair days happen like daily and I do a wrap. That’s kind of been my go-to lately,” says “Gotham” actor Zabryna Guevara.

They happen to indie rockers.

“The bottom of my shoe fell off once on stage and I tripped and fell,” says Matt Sanchez of American Authors.

That’s definitely not the best day of your life. So be prepared with your fashion first aid kit. There are lots of cool products out there for fast fashion fixes, like shoe glide and sole protectors.

Some absolute must haves include:

  • Static guard and lint roller
  • Sewing kit
  • Hem tape and fashion tape

“Safety pins I think is key,” DeSola says.

“Safety pins, safety pins, safety pins,” says Star.

Safety pins are good for everything from converting or extending your bra to hiding a rip.

“I’ll keep safety pins in case something comes undone or maybe a button pops out so I just keep a little back up kit and try to keep cool and collected,” says television personality Zuri Hall.

“Always have safety pins in your bag. Always have safety pins in your bag, safety pins, double stick tape,” says “Orange Is The New Black actor Jessica Pimentel.

My personal fashion emergency tip is using black nail polish to fix a heel that is scuffed. Apparently, that’s not all you can do with nail polish.

Lose a jewel on a dress? No problem!

“You’ve got nail polish. So say it’s gold, say it’s silver—dab that nail polish right there,” Star says.

Most importantly, pack the right attitude.

“That’s, like, kind of half the fun is the great stories that you have,” Pimentel says.

Then, you really are golden.