The final curtain came down on the Broadway revival of "Cats."

After nearly 600 regular performances in its second life, the cast took its final bow at the Neil Simon Theater.

The show is based on T.S. Eliot's book and originally opened on Broadway in 1982 and ran for 18 years.

"What I love and appreciated about "Cats" is that it's unlike pretty much any other musical," said one fan. "It creates a whole world, an immersive experience you really can't get anywhere else. I mean what other show is about a bunch of singing and dancing cats in a junk yard. It's so imaginative, so fun, playful and that's why it's been a hit."

"I feel excited I have the opportunity to be here," said another. "I'm sad it's going to be the last performance but I think the demand is going to make "Cats" come back."

A national tour is set to launch in the New Year.

It opens in Rhode Island, with stops planned for Chicago, North Carolina and Los Angeles.