A New York orchestra isn't just taking the traditional concert and turning it on its head - it's turning it "inside out." Their next show is next Saturday, February 4, but it's almost sold out, so watch this report from Stephanie Simon and find out why you should get tickets to this totally immersive music experience.

What if orchestra seats, meant you sat in the orchestra? Sounds great — right? I mean — it sounds great! The acoustics, sitting here among the musicians of the Park Avenue Chamber Symphony, are amazing.

"It came from the idea that the best seat in the house in a classical music orchestral concert is inside the orchestra," said David Bernard, Music Director for the symphony.

Last year, after noticing the trend of immersive theater, music director David Bernard came up with the idea for an "inside out" concert, where the audience sits inside the orchestra. We caught this rehearsal.

Some of the time I was so close I thought you might hit me with that bow.

"Well we are playing a very aggressive piece right now," said Violinist Lauren Noble. "It takes a lot of energy and a lot of fast notes, so sometimes you're in it and you just feel like you're going to go."

At first, some of the musicians weren't sure.

"I was wondering a little bit about the distraction factor, but I have kids and so I'm kind of used to it," said Violinist Lesley Rosenthal.

I brought some friends along to get their reactions. Not big classical music fans — well, not yet anyway.

"I felt every note," said Andrea Arroyo. "I could hear everything and I could see the faces of the musicians. It was fantastic."

"Watching the conductor also he said, 'Normally you see my back,' but you got to see every expression so you went on this journey with him and then the orchestra around you," said Maya Dillon. "It was incredible."

"I thought it was amazing," said Damaso Reyes. "I got to hear a level of detail that I've never heard before, and I've gone to a lot of concerts."

"People could get closer to classical music by physically feeling it," said Diane Sylvester.

I loved it for all those reasons, and the fact that I felt like I was one of the orchestra members. It seems the only regret here is that every concert can't be "inside out."