This may seem like a typical day in the gym for students at the Earl Monroe New Renaissance Basketball School in the Bronx, with kids shooting around on the basketball court. That wasn't the case however at the charter school, which focuses on careers in the game of basketball, not just playing hoops.

New York Knicks star Julius Randle payed students a visit, announcing his #30 for 3! Campaign. He pledged to provide the school with $500 for every three point basket he makes this season. The donation is earmarked for the high school's literacy and math programs.

What You Need To Know

  • NY Knicks Star Julius Randle will donate $500 for every three-point shot he makes this season to the Earl Monroe Renaissance Basketball School in The Bronx 

  • The school just opened this year and focuses on career paths in Basketball for students, not just playing the game

  • There are 110 freshman students at the charter school, and eventually there will be 440

  • The school was founded by filmmaker Dan Klores and named for Knicks Legend Earl "The Pearl" Monroe 

 "I made 160 threes last year, so 160 times 500, anyone know that off the do that off the top of their head," asked the NBA All-Star and NBA Most Improved Player for last season.

The school, which just opened in late August with 110 freshman, was founded by filmmaker Dan Klores and named for Knicks legend Earl "The Pearl" Monroe.

"We know that every one of our students may want to grow up to be in the NBA or the WNBA, but not everyone is going to have that opportunity, but everyone is going to grow up to be an adult, so why not be a part of a profession that you love," said Kern Mojica, who heads up the school.

“They want to work the camera, be an announcer, an agent, an owner, an analytics expert, nutritionist, a physical rehab person, that's what this offers them," said school Founder Dan Klores.

Randle said he loves and admires Monroe as a Hall of Famer and a star of the Knicks 1973 championship team, but also as someone who gives back to the city. Monroe says he is appreciative of Randle's generosity.

“He's only been in New York for a couple of years, but he has embraced this city and we love him for that," said Monroe.

"Being able to partner with Earl, who is a staple in the Knicks organization and a staple in the New York community and him opening up a school like this first of its kind, it was a no brainer and seemed like the perfect match for us," said Randle.

Since Randle’s announcement, the school has received matching pledges for an additional $2,200 dollars per shot from institutions like Morgan Stanley.

So you can bet every time Julius Randle gets ready to launch a three, more than 100 high schoolers in the Bronx, their families, teachers and administrators, will be rooting for him big time.