Mayoral ​candidate Dianne Morales got the endorsement of Zephyr Teachout on Tuesday, adding another liberal name to a list of supporters as her campaign seeks to align itself with the city's progressive movement.

Teachout has unsuccessfully run for federal and statewide office, first receiving attention when she challenged Governor Cuomo in 2014. She joined Morales at a press conference in Brooklyn, highlighting Morales' anti-corruption platform, saying her plan would stop corporate lobbyists from taking over the city.

"She's got that something extra, that hope that joy that absolute love of the city and the people in it," said Teachout. "That love and that integrity can bring us to the most joyful, community based, ground up New York city we have ever seen."

Morales outlined her plan to curtail the influence of corporate and lobbyist money in municipal government. 

"It's not just a matter of getting money out of politics -- it's also a matter of building an economy that provides real economic security for working people and elevates working people over corporate interests," Morales said. 

Morales also took a swipe at Andrew Yang -- whose political campaign is being run by Tusk Strategies -- a well-connected lobbying firm in the city which represents a slew of clients with interests at City Hall. 

"This plan includes steps to curb corporate influence and stop the revolving door of lobbyists that determine our fate," Morales said. "Lobbyists determining the fate of our elections for their own special interests, some of whom are even working for and propping up some of the other candidates in this race right now."

Morales' plan calls for increased City Council oversight as well as changes that would be required at the state level. 

Meanwhile in Manhattan, former sanitation commissioner Kathryn Garcia won the endorsement of a former opponent. 

​Loree Sutton, who formerly served as commissioner for the Department of Veterans Services and dropped her own bid for mayor in March, threw her support behind Garcia, highlighting her experience in municipal government.

"‘Politics as usual’ has failed us as New Yorkers, and after stepping aside from the race myself, it’s clear to me that Kathryn is exactly the kind of leader we need at this very moment," Sutton said in a statement. 

The endorsement came just hours after Garcia announced her first major TV ad -- a 30 second spot which highlight's Garcia's long career in government and her reputation as a reliable crisis manager.