Shaun Donovan may be running against a crowded field of Democratic candidates, but on Friday, he was taking on a different Democrat: Mayor Bill de Blasio.

"Our current mayor believes that everything is ideological, everything is political,” Donovan said during a press conference outside a Sanitation Department garage in East Williamsburg.

Donovan, the former housing secretary and budget director under President Barack Obama, says de Blasio has failed to keep the streets clean and fallen short on a pledge to slash the amount of waste shipped out of the city.

Donovan would introduce a plan he calls CleanStat, which would use data to target garbage block by block.

"Our program will rate every single city street based on cleanliness, make this information readily available through an online map and simplify the process for filing tickets with our city,” Donovan said.

De Blasio this week acknowledged the trash issue in introducing the City Cleanup Corps, a plan to immediately hire 10,000 New Yorkers to beautify the city.

"We definitely saw more littering on sidewalks during the pandemic," he said Tuesday. "We’ve got to clean that up."

Donovan said the Cleanup Corps is a step in the right direction, but added, "This is a clear example of a mayor who can't react quickly and effectively to a crisis. His instinct is to find a quick fix that ignores the underlying issue."

While Donovan's campaign has thus far failed to gain much traction, there is help on the way. A super PAC has raised more than $2 million to support Donovan, almost all of it coming from Donovan's father.