There was straight talk from NYPD narcotics and gang detectives to about 50 eighth graders from Brooklyn.

"You know what they all do when we show up wearing this stuff?" one detective said. "With that big boom, police search warrant, everybody cries."

The goal is to keep these good kids safe and away from violence and gangs. 

"They can't think about the future if they are worried about being shot," said First Deputy Commissioner Benjamin Tucker. "They live in these neighborhoods. They see what's goes on."

The teens are from PS/IS 323 in Brownsville. The school is about a block from where a drive-by shooting last month killed one person and wounded four others.  

Such attacks are unusual in the city today, so police say they decided to be proactive and bring these students to police headquarters to talk to about ways to avoid gang activity. 

When one student was asked if she was ever concerned about gangs, she answered, "Yes, because the neighborhood I live in is kind of difficult, it is tough to be around." 

Officers played videos made by Brooklyn rappers, including rapper Tekashi69, that all of the students know.

The officers say many of the videos glamorize gang violence, and that that could lead to shootings.    

Students were urged to avoid appearing in videos or social media posts about gangs. 

The police also talked about the neighborhood's drug problems, including K2.

"I think for our age, we need the fact that they are blunt with us and they don't treat us like little kids because we are not little kids. We are growing up and we are going to high school," said one student.

Administrators from the school say they hope this is a life-changing moment for many of these students. They say some of their former students have been involved in gang activity.

Students got a behind-the-scenes look at how the NYPD keeps a watch on the streets, in part through 12,000 surveillance cameras.

"I was like, 'Wow, I'm like, safe now,'" said one student. "It makes me feel like I have someone on my shoulder to help me."

The students had the chance to try on some police equipment. They were encouraged stay focused on positive things and keep their guard up against anyone who tries to convince them to do wrong.