The NYPD is looking into reports that rookie Muslim officers are being bullied by veteran officers at a Bronx stationhouse.

Several officers at Transit District 11 had their lockers vandalized over the weekend, including a poster containing anti-Muslim profanity.

Law enforcement sources say the bullying has been going on for months, with some officers' clothing being destroyed inside their lockers. 

They also say veteran officers are upset the rookies are getting the same overtime pay as them. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio addressed the issue on his weekly "Mondays with the Mayor" segment on NY1's Inside City Hall.

"We don't tolerate any Islamaphobia in the NYPD. We don't tolerate hazing. We don't tolerate disrespect on any basis - gender, race, any basis in the NYPD or in any of our agencies. So there will be an investigation and if officers were found to have done this, they're going to see some real stringent discipline," De Blasio said.

Internal Affairs and the NYPD's Hate Crimes Unit are investigating the bullying allegations.