The NYPD releases body camera video of a fatal police shooting.

This is video of the moments leading up to the fatal police shooting of 67 year-old Cornell Lockhart.

Police say he stabbed two female workers at a shelter in the Bronx on November 13th.

When they got there, Lockhart was still holding the knife.

The officers can be heard on the video repeatedly demanding he drop it.

When he refused, they opened fire, shooting nine times.

The Police Commissioner says there's no set timetable for how soon videos of shootings will be released.

"We have to look at the circumstances," said commissioner James O'Neill. "We have to talk to the DAs. We have to figure out the number of witnesses and who needs to be interviewed before we release the video. When I first talked about releasing video, I said good, bad, or inconclusive, we're going to do what we can to get that video out as soon as possible.

On Monday, police also released this video of an October shooting in Manhattan.

That video shows a man, Paris Cummings, also coming at police with a knife.

He was shot once in the leg and survived.

Police have now released body camera videos of three shooting incidents, two of them fatal.