A Bronx man who allegedly beat a man to death for trying to rape his wife speaks out for the first time.

"I feel bad," said Mamadou Diallo.

This was the scene as 61-year-old Diallo left his apartment Wednesday — a day after being charged with second degree assault for allegedly beating 43-year-old Earl Nash with a tire iron.

Diallo didn't say much to the media, but he did say he was fighting for his family during the encounter.

This surveillance video allegedly shows the confrontation between Nash and Diallo.

Police say Nash tried to rape Diallo's 51-year-old wife inside their home moments prior, but she was able to get away and call her husband who was outside the building.

Authorities say the video shows Diallo attack Nash as he tries enters an elevator.

Nash died at Lincoln Hospital.

Police say he has 14 prior arrests dating back to 1997 and had served time in prison.

Diallo is due back in court at the end of the month.