Judge Kenneth Case was choked up as he addressed the court before sentencing Edward Kuebler to one to three years in prison Monday and revoked his driver's license.

Kuebler, a state corrections officer, pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident resulting in serious injury.

Kuebler's truck went off a Grand Island road on June 13, 2017, hitting 53-year-old Dana Papaj.

He turned himself in two-and-a-half months later.

The incident was caught on a neighbor's surveillance camera.

"I watched that video again this morning, and the direction she went, there was no way anybody and you, Kuebler, could not have known and seen what you did," said Dana’s husband, Don Papaj.

Don and his two daughters each addressed Kuebler with disgust for not stopping that day.

"It's remarkable to me that your wife, and your mom, mom-in-law could have gone through that and made even the recovery she's made so far. What a strong will," Judge Case said.

Dana had just left her daughter Brittany's home, spending time with her 5-day-old grandson.

After the crash, Brittany Gruttadauria said her mother-in-law would watch her son while she was at the ICU.

Gruttadauria would go back home several times a day to feed him only to go back to the hospital once more.

"My baby was robbed of his mother, I was robbed of the most precious bonding time with him, and both of us were deprived of the love and affections from my mom and my son's grandmother," Gruttadauria said.

Dana was in a coma for a month after the crash, and spent six months overall in the hospital.

Her daughter, Courtney Sullivan, says she needs to hold onto to someone to keep her balance, she can't remember names of things or people, she doesn't remember either her daughter's wedding or her own, and doesn't remember her own mother's death.