BROCKPORT, N.Y. -- It’s a house with a questionable reputation on Monroe Avenue, and not just among students at the College at Brockport. The unsanctioned fraternity known as "The Delts" has become well known to police.

"We've had a broader scale [investigation] ongoing for many months, maybe even years," said University Police Chief, Dan Vasile.

The extensive investigation led authorities to arrest nine people, six of whom are current students. The charges range from hazing, criminal nuisance and assault with intent to cause injury.

"We're not waiting until we have a student death,” said Vasile. “We're being proactive, we're not going to tolerate this on our campus."

But even though police say they received numerous tips about this house over the years, it took a victim coming forward for them to be able to escalate the investigation.

"We had some brave individuals come forward and that's what it takes, somebody to be brave, come forward, and tell their story,” said Village of Brockport Police Lieutenant Mark Cuzzupoli. 

Authorities say a look inside the home tells another part of the story, including numerous possible inspection violations. People are still living in the house at this time.

"The landlord has been very cooperative with us and many of these conditions we're referring to, I don't believe in any way, shape or form represents the landlord,” said Vasile.

The landlord declined to be interviewed on camera, but said in a statement that he has attempted to address the situation inside his property.