State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli is out with a new report looking at the effect of the pandemic on the Bronx, which had the city's highest rates of COVID hospitalizations and deaths.

The Bronx continues to see significantly higher unemployment than the other boroughs.

By May of last year, unemployment in the Bronx peaked at nearly 25%, the highest rate in the city.

"The overall takeaway is as we focus on recovery, we have to make sure it's equitable across the city and the Bronx because it got hit particularly hard, deserves a particular attention when we talk about recovery,” DiNapoli told NY1.

Data for 2020 show a modest increase in the average number of businesses in the Bronx, with 220 new businesses.

That's also the case citywide with an increase in businesses with fewer than five employees.

Before the pandemic, more than 70% of the Bronx workforce was employed in essential or face-to-face industries.

The top four industries — health care, retail trade, social assistance and leisure and hospitality — all saw declines.

In total, the Bronx saw an 18% decrease in the number of jobs from the second quarter of 2019 to the second quarter of last year.