Pier 2 at Brooklyn Bridge Park is one of a few pop-up vaccination sites in New York City. It’s part of a plan the mayor announced to bring tourism back to New York. Tourists and residents are invited to come to these site and get their shots.

What You Need To Know

  • The sites are offering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine
  • It’s part of an initiative to boost NYC economy by bringing tourism back

  • Pop-up sites are in areas that attract a lot of travelers

The sites will be administering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. These pop-up sites will be open this weekend from 1-8 p.m. NY1 spoke to some city residents about the plan.

“So much of the economy depends on tourism. We’ve seen a lot of our restaurants closing and a lot less traffic here so I think it’s good for the economy, and good for everybody,” said Boreum Hill resident, Bonnie Doyle.

“It’s hard to think about tourists when there’s still New Yorkers who’ve been kicked out of their apartments because they haven’t been able to pay rent and haven’t had access to vaccines and now we’re giving priority to tourists. We need to get our priorities straight” said park-goer Nata Andresen.

Other pop-up locations are set up in Times Square, Central Park and at the High Line. The city wants to send the message that New York is a safe place to be.