The city needs to be vaccinating ten times the amount of people as it is to achieve herd immunity this year, City Councilman Mark Levine told NY1.

Levine has been advocating for 24/7 vaccination.

"So far vaccination in New York City has only taken place during business hours —  very little on weekends, and almost none on holidays. Sunday, the last day we have data for, only about 2,500 people were vaccinated. It would take years to get to herd immunity at that pace. We have to pick this up and that means going big. Going to neighborhoods all over the city, at all hours of the day and night,” said Levine.

He said the prioritization model has been hindering the process as well, explaining that someone with low priority getting vaccinated is better than no one getting vaccinated.

The city will accelerate its coronavirus vaccine efforts with the rollout behind schedule.

As of Monday, the city had received 443,000 vaccines but only administered about 110,000 doses.

Meanwhile, Mayor Bill de Blasio has set an ambitious goal of vaccinating 1 million residents by the end of the month.

"Three weeks is a very brief period of time when our health care professionals are dealing with a brand new vaccine and making sure that they know how to use it properly, that they know how to store it properly, that they understand that it can be used safely and they're doing it through real experience,” said the mayor.

“That was a very important period of time to get everything right for now what will be an intensive push,” de Blasio said.