Grocery store workers are among those next in line for COVID-19 vaccines, as the the city plans to administer one million doses by the end of January.

This is part of Phase Two of the vaccine rollout, which also includes first responders like police and firefighters, teachers and pharmacists.

The first phase delivered shots to frontline workers in ICU's and hospitals, workers and residents of nursing homes, and EMS workers.

"Ever since the pandemic began, our members, just like many other industries, were forced to go to work every single day and they were exposed significantly more than most other industries. So having them in phase two creates a pretty advantageous situation for maintaing their health for themselves and their families," said Robert Newell, President of UFCW Local 1500, which represents grocery store employees.

There are a total of five phases in the city's plan. Most New Yorkers who are not essential workers or at-risk will be vaccinated during the last phase. The timeline stretches through September.