It’s the thick of summer and for many parents it's become a full time job trying to keep their kids occupied. 

With six more weeks left until school starts — whether  that be remotely, in person or a combination of both — parents still need to figure out what to do with their children now.

Day camps and virtual camps are options for some, but for others it's a challenge figuring out the day-to-day.

And the uncertainty of what's coming in the fall is bringing an added layer of stress.  

Lead Editor Jess Grose of NY Times Parenting says it’s important to keep a schedule, no matter how loose. While this may make days feel repetitive, she points out it probably doesn’t affect kids as much as parents.

Grose highlighted the importance of getting children outdoors for their mental health.

And while parents may be trying to limit device time for children, Grose says “all screen time is not created equal.” Kids can leverage interactive tools on different apps, listen to podcasts and even connect with friends, which is “a really important emotional connection right now,” says Grose.

But parents also need to take care of themselves. To manage parental anxiety in the pandemic, it’s important to accept uncertainty, distinguish between productive and unproductive worries and practice flexible thinking.

Grose was a guest on NY1’s One New York Wednesday morning.