A new report published by the Partnership for New York City reveals a comprehensive look into how the city has been impacted by coronavirus across several indices.

“We were not prepared either in government or the healthcare system for something like this,” Partnership for New York City President and CEO Kathryn Wylde told NY1.

She says getting people back to work and skilled for certain jobs is a top priority on the road to recovery.

“Covid accelerated the move to the digital economy. So retail jobs, a number of jobs that were going away slowly, have now gone away quickly. And we’re going to have to train people particularly in technology areas, in telemedicine, for the jobs of the future — and we’re going to have to do that very quickly,” Wylde said.

The report found that the city has 200,000 job vacancies, demonstrating the need for job training. It also highlighted that health care, finance and the tech sector are poised to lead the recovery.

Industries operating remotely showed improved productivity and lowered costs.

Wylde says it’s also imperative that the city ensure the health care system has the capacity to endure pandemics in the future. This involves not only increasing hospital capacity, but having a new focus on community care.

“Figuring out a better way to deliver preventative care in the communities of the city is certainly one of the big findings,” she said.

Disparities among black and brown communities existed across the board.

The report predicts that the city’s affordable housing shortage will grow from 650,000 units to 760,000 units. And it anticipates a 7% drop in GDP in 2020 and a 14% decline through 2023.

Partnership for New York City also issued a call to action with its report, saying governments should spend less and collaborate more with the private sector.

Wylde joined Mornings On 1 via Skype.