The number of confirmed novel coronavirus cases in New York State is now up to 421, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Friday, which is the highest number of cases in the nation.

Of those cases, 154 are city residents.

No one in New York has died of the coronavirus, Cuomo said. 18 people are in the ICU, and 50 people are hospitalized overall.



The governor stressed Thursday that the number of confirmed cases is likely a large under-estimate of the actual number of new coronavirus cases in the state, because testing is currently significantly limited.

"My guess is in the state, we already have thousands of cases," he told NY1 Thursday evening.

Cuomo did announce on Friday that the 28 labs that the state has contracted with to test for COVID-19 will be up and running today after approval from the FDA. He says they will be able to perform 6,000 tests per day. The state has only performed about 3,200 tests total thus far.

There have been calls from public officials, including the City Council speaker and the president of the teachers' union, to close schools. Cuomo said he will not make that decision on a statewide level, saying it is up to the local municipalities.

The governor revealed that one of his daughters was in cautionary quarantine for 14 days.



Cuomo also said he asked the Department of Public Service to direct utilities not to shut off service to anyone who hasn't paid their bill due to the coronavirus situation.