Governor Cuomo says there are 10,356 confirmed coronavirus cases in New York State, including 6,211 in New York City.

These numbers are as of his briefing on Saturday morning.

“The more tests you take, the more numbers you find,” Cuomo cautioned ahead of announcing an increase in positive cases.

About 40 to 80 percent of the state's population is going to be infected by coronavirus, says Governor Cuomo. That amounts to 7.8 million to 15.6 million New Yorkers infected.

But the goal is to slow the number of cases at a given time so people’s care can be managed, he explained.

“I don’t believe it’s going to be a matter of weeks—it’s going to be a number of months,” Cuomo said on a potential timeline of the coronavirus crisis.

He says the timeframe will be dependent on how compliant people are, also addressing frustrations with younger populations not practicing proper precautions.

“We do have an issue with young people who are not complying,” says Governor Cuomo, pointing out that nearly 55% of cases were comprised of those between 18 and 49 years old.

“You can get the virus, and you can hurt people,” he warned.

Cuomo says he will be visiting parks himself on Saturday to “see what the situation is."


The governor says he is actively working to make and acquire more hospital beds and medical supplies.

“We are literally scouring the globe looking for medical supplies,” said Governor Cuomo. He says even apparel companies are helping produce masks.

He is sending 1 million N95 masks to New York City and 500,000 to Long Island on Saturday. The state is also gathering ventilators throughout New York—the equipment that is most scarce—to send to the most critical areas.

New York has identified 6,000 new ventilators from around the world for purchase. The state is in need of 30,000 ventilators, according to Cuomo. He also mentioned a gown shortage.

The state is in search of locations for the Army Corps of Engineers to build new hospital beds. It is exploring the Javits Convention Center, Suny Story Brook, Suny Westbury and the Westchester Convention Center.

In terms of treatment, New York is actively exploring new drug therapies. Cuomo has expressed to Trump his desire to offer hydroxychloroquine and zithromax, of which the FDA is acquiring 10,000 doses. The drug combination is being said to have the potential to support patients suffering from coronavirus.

Cuomo plans to offer the drugs to those in the most dire of circumstances. State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker has recommended trials.

Cuomo is also calling on the federal government for assistance.

Regarding the Disater Declaration, the governor is requesting that FEMA waive its 25 percent fee for New York. In addition, he's calling for an amendment to the coronavirus legislation, which through a technicality in language, makes New York State ineligible for $6 billion in aid.

New York is conducting more coronavirus tests per capita than China and South Korea, and more than any other state. New York performed 45,437 tests as of Saturday morning, compared to 23,200 for California and 23,343 for Washington.

The governor also addressed that now is a time where people need mental health support. He is asking psychologists and therapists willing to volunteer to visit

This news comes a day after the governor mandated that 100% of the workforce, excluding businesses providing essential services, must be home.