NY1 VIDEO: The October 1, 2016 edition of "City Health Beat," hosted by NY1 health reporter Erin Billups, looks at the following topics and more:

  • The FDA approves a new diabetes device, which monitors glucose and automatically provides insulin when needed.
  • Advances in genetic testing are offering patients more choices when it comes to fending off deadly diseases.
  • The president signs off on a $1.1 billion Zika spending bill.
  • $157 million in federal funding is going toward studying the impact of the environment on children and their development.
  • Dr. Mike Yao from Mount Sinai Ear, Nose and Throat talks about thyroid cancer. It's one of the top ten most commonly diagnosed cancers in the U.S., and its symptoms are often overlooked.
  • NY1's Kristen Shaughnessy reports on eight New York University medical students paired with nine cancer patients — not for treatment, but for photography sessions.