Cipriani, one of the most recognizable names in the New York restaurant scene, is preparing all of their locations for the return of indoor dining on Wednesday.

“Our main purpose is to serve people. So to be able to welcome them again both inside and outside. It is our job, so we are very glad that we will be able to do it,” said Anna Pietini-Cipriani, who helps run her family business.

Like most businesses, the fourth-generation family-owned restaurant has had to make adjustments during the pandemic, finding ways to make their spaces safe while still upholding what they call their “tradition of service.” Since reopening for outdoor dining, Cipriani has begun a three-part disinfectant regimen at all of their locations worldwide.

“Our staff, our guests, their families is our main concern, their safety,” said Pietini-Cipriani.

Twice a month, all surfaces in Cipriani locations will be sprayed with Disinfect and Shield disinfectant.

Within 10 minutes, the spray kills bacteria, including the coronavirus, and creates an invisible barrier to prevent any from attaching to a surface where it has been applied for up to 30 days.

Secondly, every location is equipped with hand sanitizer that keep hands clean for up to eight hours for both staff and patrons.

And a device called an ATP meter is periodically used to measure the levels of bacteria on a surface to make sure the barrier is still working.

Once bacteria levels exceed 300, the Disinfect and Shield spray needs to be reapplied.

“It is a 100% safe on all soft cloth as well as hard material, unlike a bleach or acid and at the same time and at the same time it is a microscopic layer that just doesn’t let viruses penetrate,” said Patrick Haddad, the Chief Product and Technology Officer at Disinfect and Shield.

Both the spray and hand sanitizer are made without harmful chemicals, making it ideal to use in places where food is being handled.

Dr. Victor Rosenberg is a family friend of the Cipriani’s and helped them prepare for reopening.

“Most disinfectants, once you clean, they are only good until you touch it again. So this is something that lasts, 28, 30 days," he said.

The disinfectant does not address the virus’s airborne concerns, but Cipriani said they will continue to enforce face coverings and monitor their ventilation system to ensure it meets city and state standards.