"Kong: Skull Island" is a new movie that features the mighty ape King Kong back on the big screen with help from state of the art CGI and special effects. Neil Rosen filed the following review.

Since 1933 the mighty ape King Kong has graced the screen with many different versions. Now, there's a brand new movie and it's called "Kong: Skull Island."

Set in 1973, this is an origin tale where a group of scientists, military personal and a photo journalist head to a mysterious South Pacific island where they wind up doing battle against the giant ape. 

Also on hand is John C. Relly as a World War II vet who's been stuck on the island since the 1940's and warns everyone that Kong is the only protection they have against these destructive, giant lizard creatures who also inhabit the place. 

If you're looking for any more plot or any sort of character development you can forget about it, because in this Kong movie, the ape never gets off the island to wreak havoc on New York City, like he did in the original. Here he's just battling the Army's gunfire and explosives, as well as the nasty reptiles, almost non-stop for an endless two hours. The result was an assault on my senses that was extremely dull and boring.

The love story between beauty and the beast, another major plotline in various other Kong movies over the years, is really shortchanged here too.

Kong does look realistic with the help of state of the art CGI, but who cares? I got over that in five minutes. There's almost no dialogue, and when the actors do briefly speak it sounds cartoonish. Such fine talent as Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, John Goodman and Samuel L. Jackson star, and they all seem to be there strictly for a paycheck. 

If all you're looking for is visually impressive non-stop action, and you don't care about story, dialogue or characters, then go. But I need a lot more out of a movie. This was unsatisfying.

Neil Rosen’s Big Apple Rating:

One and a Half Apples