Kes, the lead singer of the popular Trinidadian soca group Kes the Band, is back in New York for Labor Day festivities that are different than years past.  

"It feels like a warp zone," Kes said. "Eighteen months have passed. It’s a place I used to frequent quite a lot, so being back, it’s just a homecoming for me."

Labor Day weekend in the city serves as a celebration for all things Caribbean, and although this year’s West Indian Day Parade is scaled back, Kes said all is not lost. The band is performing a special concert in Coney Island.

“To actually dream of doing a concert on Labor Day was nothing that I would’ve attempted before because that’s the day of the parade,” Kes said.

For years, the band had never missed the parade down Eastern Parkway, so this concert was all about creating a familiar yet intimate feel.

“You’re going to get the story of us and hopefully the story of where we’re from too, how it connects,” Kes said.

Those Caribbean connections are strong and can be seen all over the city, in the people, the music and, of course, the food.

Leading up to the concert, the band has been rehearsing. Kes said it's his love letter to the resilient Caribbean people and those who support them.

“In these times, we remember our humanity and our innate love that guides us through any chaotic time and keep on keeping on,” Kes said.

“Through our struggles, we celebrate just as hard. That’s our story, you know, remember how to party and don’t take yourself too serious,” he added.