Artists from the Bronx and beyond are showcasing their work at an art festival now underway in Mott Haven. 

The Bronx Latin American Art Biennial highlights more than 100 artists who use their work to explore issues such as migration and women’s rights.

The exhibit, now in its fifth year, is being held at Bronx Art Space and several other locations in the borough this year.

This year's show is called, "I am one of those  people that..."

We asked the show's curators why they chose that name.

"We're trying to examine what is behind the creation of the artworks," said curator Alexis Mendoza. "For the Biennial we focused more on how the artist thinks and what is the philosophy behind the artworks."

"It's to open a window for positive expression of Latino artists," said curator Luis Stephenberg.

The festival will be in Mott Haven until next Saturday, and will travel to other participating spots through December.

For more information, visit the festival's website.