Every picture tells a story, but sharing that story anywhere except online is becoming less common in the age of the Internet. One entrepreneur is trying to change that by using modern technology to bring his longtime family business into the 21st century. NY1 Arts and Culture reporter Stephanie Simon filed the following report.

We are all guilty of it - and I do not mean looking down at your phone during a conversation, although that too - but having photographs that are only on our smartphones. These are my kids, and I can only show you my screen. Ben Koren's online business Frameology aims to help people like me.

“Frameology allows you to upload a photo online, you choose a frame, you can just upload it right from there, from your computer, social media, from your phone,” Koren says. “You can see it in any different number of frames, choose the crop and you just press a button and it shows up to your door about a week later.”

Ben came up with the idea three years ago just before Valentine's Day. He wanted to print and frame this photograph for his girlfriend but could not find an online shop that did both. Therefore, he started one.

 “We take thousands of photos a month. If you choose one of them to frame it’s because that photo is really, really special,” he says.

Ben grew working at his dad's well-known store Framed on Madison, now called Framed on Madison on Lex. This Columbia Business School grad always thought he'd go in a different direction. However, dad was right.

“So when I was a kid I used to spend my summer breaks working at my dad’s store, and he just would say to me, ‘Hey, you know someday you can open a Framed on Madison in every mall in America.’ And I would say, ‘Dad come on.’ Then flash forward a couple years later, well it’s not in every mall in America, but you know we are now online, we are selling to all of America.”

Koren says always frame to the photographs, not your decor.

“If you a have a very formal photograph, everybody’s in a suit or in a tux, that you have it in a silver frame that’s very formal. On the other hand if you are swimming on a beach, you would have it in a wooden frame maybe with blue tones.”

Whether it’s a great shot of your kids or your cat, there’s a beautiful frame for every photograph.

The price starts at $29. No matter how fancy you go, Koren says it's the picture that makes the frame, not the other way around.