New Yorkers are used to seeing anything on the road, but a trolley in Brooklyn is causing double takes.

Passengers learn about the borough's dark side from Madame Morbid, whose real name is Allison Chase.

"We like to call ourselves the TMZ of ghost tours. All the juicy details of that some like to leave out because they are not as flattering," Chase said.

Gruesome and ghoulish stories always piqued Chase's interest. She grew up surrounded by ghostly attractions. Her father created haunted houses. Using her degree in screenplay writing from the School of Visual Arts, Chase created the tour company a little more than a year ago.

"I opened the second generation, if you will, but I wanted to do it on wheels and I wanted to do it in Brooklyn," she said.

To set the mood for the 90-minute ride, Chase puts on a Victorian-era mourning dress.

Chase says riders walk away with some new knowledge, like the most haunted places in the borough. According to Chase, that goes to Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO.

"So we do focus on the classic stories, the legends, a lot of mafia, even Revolutionary War," she said. "So many things happened here that people have no idea about."

"Some parts are kind of creepy with all the dead people," said one person who went on the tour.

Like the site of one of the borough's deadliest fires. It happened during a performance inside the Brooklyn Theater back in the late 1800s. Those victims are now memorialized inside Green-Wood Cemetery at a mass grave.

"I want this tour to feel like Disney and Halloween made a baby and took it on the road," Chase said.

The trolley rolls through Brooklyn every day in October and five days a week the rest of the year. Ten percent of the ticket sales is used to help feed the homeless in the city.