It happened on this street corner just a day before Thanksgiving. 

"It's cruel. It's really cruel," said Debbie Savoretti, a Dongan Hills resident. 

While most Staten Islanders were welcoming the season of giving back, Debbie Savoretti fell victim to a crime. 

She says someone stole her only means of transportation - a mobility scooter like this one here. 

"It's a sin. I don't know why someone would do that," she said.

Savoretti says she was crossing this Dongan Hills intersection when the battery died. 

Left with no other option, she parked the scooter and used her cane to walk home. 

When she returned less than a half-hour later, it was gone. 

"It's a shame something like this would even happen," said Daniel Smolka, our Staten Islander of the Week. 

Daniel Smolka, a Great Kills resident, heard about Savoretti's troubles. 

Touched by the story, he says he immediately felt the need to help.  

So, he started a Go Fund Me page to help replace the scooter. 

"In the condition she's in, hopefully it will help her spirits and help her to get out of the house and go about her business," said Smolka. 

At last check, the online fundraiser has collected over $700 dollars. 

Smolka says it's the least he can do for Savoretti - a woman he's never even met. 

"I just try to do something nice for somebody each day. The best part is not expecting anything in return," he said. "Just do something nice for somebody and maybe that person will do something nice for somebody and start a chain of good events." 

Savoretti, meanwhile, is using her walker to get around. 

She has multiple sclerosis - a condition that has turned walking into a painful task. 

"I have to use my walker but it hurts my legs when I walk up the block," said Savoretti. 

And so, for paying it forward and inspiring others along the way, Daniel Smolka is our Staten Islander of the Week.