Badly damaged, but still standing, a sphere that survived the 9/11 attacks is rededicated at the World Trade Center Site.

The Koenig Sphere was buried in the rubble during the 9/11 terror attacks. It was recovered and eventually moved to Battery Park in 2002.

But the Port Authority and many people close to the terrorist attacks, including people who lost loved ones that day became determined to move it back to its former location.

While it was returned to the WTC site in September, it was dedicated today.

"Still bearing the scars of the violence it had withstood, this sphere stands now and provides a poignant, poetic compliment to the memorial. Whose mission of remembrance, education and inspiration is echoed by its dramatic presence."

The sphere was originally created by the late German artist, Fritz Koenig, to symbolize world peace through trade, but instead it became a symbol of New York City's resiliency.