A jury heard horrific allegations against Michael Sykes, the man accused of viciously stabbing to death his girlfriend and two of her infant daughters and attempting to kill a third child.

In his opening statement, the prosecutor said Sykes stabbed his victims 130 times in two minutes in a fit of jealousy.

"Each stab wound is an expression of his rage, you will learn that each stab wound is an expression of his anger, and you will learn that each one is telling you that he intended to kill four people,” said assistant District attorney Ann Thompson.

Sykes is accused of killing his girlfriend Rebecca Cutler, the fou- month-old daughter they had together and her year-old daughter with a former boyfriend. Cutler's two-year-old daughter was stabbed but survived.

The attack occurred in February 2016 at the Ramada Inn on North Gannon Avenue where the Department of Homeless Services had been housing the 26-year-old mother and her three daughters for two months.

In court Tuesday, the prosecutor told Sykes snapped because he found text messages from another man on Cutler’s phone.

“He thought she was cheating on him,” Thompson said. “He thought she was going to replace him with another man."

Sykes’ attorney called the murders an “undeniable act of evil” but said Sykes did not commit them; although his mom testified later in the day that he admitted to her in a phone call that he was responsible.

"at the conclusion of this case you're going to hear and even more forceful and moving argument from the district attorney, their argument is not a substitute for the facts,” said defense lawyer Anthony Katchen.

Sykes’ mother and relatives of the victims wept during the opening arguments and the initial testimony

"It's very overwhelming,” said Cutler’s sister. “It's something that we are still dealing with every day."

Sykes faces life in prison if convicted.  The trial is expected to last several weeks.