It's a full and busy house for John and Debbie Zizzo, one of their adult sons has a severe neuro-muscular disease, and their 90-year-old father lives downstairs.

Things used to run smoothly, but not in the last two and a half months.

"Hopeless, it makes me feel hopeless,” said Debbie Zizzo. “It's very hard, it's very bad."

In early August, the Zizzo's said their gas was turned off after a leak was discovered.

They said a master licensed plumber was quickly hired to fix the issue, but soon after they ran into another roadblock. A Department of Building's inspection determined the family’s gas appliances weren’t registered, or even included on their application for gas authorization.

The Zizzo’s never imagined the errors would leave them without gas for more than eight weeks.

"We don't have any hot water, I can't cook, it's costing us a fortune doing laundry and take-out,” said Debbie Zizzo. “I have a spastic, quadra-palegic son, and we have to heat up bowls of water until we fill a bucket and then take it downstairs and bathe him so for two and a half months he hasn't had a hot shower really, and all of us are taking cold showers or heating up bowls of water."

The Zizzo's said they eventually got an architect come in to expedite the registration and are now awaiting *another inspection by the DOB.

"It's like a series, a comedy of errors but there's nothing funny about it,” said John Zizzo. “I am emotionally and physically sick over this no exaggeration because I'm helpless to help my family."

According to a representative for the DOB, the department has worked to reduce wait times for gas authorization inspections, and complete and accurate applications are often approved within 24 hours.

The family’s next inspection is scheduled for Wednesday, and if approved, the next step would involve their hired plumber reaching back out to National Grid.

"This process is so convoluted to the average person and apparently to the plumbers too because they're not sure where to file or how to file,” said John Zizzo.

So now they wait, hoping the nightmare is about to end.