Despite some high profile races across the city, low voter turnout was predicted ahead of Tuesday's primary election.  Our Gene Apodaca spoke with voters on Staten Island to see what drove them to the polls, while so many others stayed away.

Even with the hotly contested City Council race pitting incumbent Debi Rose against challenger Kamillah Hanks, voters at a Mariners Harbor polling spot Tuesday morning were few and far between. 

Those who did turn out to vote in the Democratic Primary, like Pauline Josephs,  said she had quite a  few reasons to show up.

“Some of the problems we have are the schooling, overcrowding, fighting crime, housing,“ said Josephs.

Housing also a big concern for Sydel Vergara, who said she’s concerned that the city has simply become too expensive.

“I’m concerned about the cost of living finding jobs and how hard it is to get a decent apartment,“ said Vergara.

Many of those who came out to vote said they were compelled not only by the issues in their district but by the memory of the last presidential election.

“Look at the current situation in the country right now. Unfortunately a lot of people who should have voted did not vote therefore things are the way they are, “said voter John Dixon.

Dixon is a teacher on Staten Island. He said given what people have gone through for the opportunity to vote,  he considers it an obligation, not just a right.

“I think everybody should vote. You can’t complain if you don’t cast your vote ultimately that’s what it boils down to,“ said Dixon.