A group of foresters, called the Protectors of Pine Oak Woods, are helping to remove invasive plants from the Borough.

Saturday morning volunteers gathered at High Rock Park to help remove some invasive plants from the forest.

With special tools plants like the Devil’s Walking Sticks and Multiflora Rose were uprooted or cut along the fence line of the park and the Moravian Cemetery.

This maintenance is important to preserving the island's ecology.

The organization has held these workshops on the third saturday of every month for more than two decades.

"We're here to, again, maintian the integrity of the parks but also allow people to come in and learn about what is in the parks and what's great about our parks. And just to have time outdoors, and get close to the earth, and get your hands dirty," said  Cliff Hagen the President of Protectors of Pine Oak Woods

To learn more about the group and their next event visit S-I Protectors dot org.