A group of enterprising kids are making lemonade to help homeless dogs.

Mia, Samantha, Liam,and Sofia have set up a lemonade stand to help raise money for "I heart dogs."

The organization travels to shelters throughout the country to groom dogs so that they can find their forever home.

The kids were prompted to do someting after they saw dogs on TV that were out in the extreme heat and cold.

They say they have already raised three hundred dollars.

"Today has been my dream to do this and talk about this stand because, so people can know that we are trying to help dogs. So people can come to our stand and they can help dogs too. So please, come to our stand and help homeless dogs," said Mia Sciametta.

If you want to help their cause, The stand will be open on Sundays until the end of August on Potter and Fairview in Castleton Corners.