Students with special needs took to the stage and brought the Disney classic, Aladdin to life.

The students are all from PS 373 in Grasmere.  They dressed up as genies and other characters from Aladdin.  

PS 373 is one out of six schools chosen to participate in the Disney's Musicals In School Program. 

It's a program that allows the individual school to choose which Disney movie they'd like to perform and provides them with the tools to make it happen. 

Participants say that Aladdin was the perfect pick.

"Aladdin had a strong male lead and a strong male cast, so, we definitely have that here." Maria Kotsonias the choreographer said.  

"The dance is like this, like you are marching in a parade, and you get to sing." said Joey Wadas who played a genie.  

So what's next for these students?  They are headed to Broadway where they will also have the opportunity to perform a song from the movie next month.