It could one day get you to work faster than the ferry or express bus.

The Staten Island Economic Development Corporation is pushing a plan for an aerial gondola.

This week, a gondola cabin will be on display so you can see for yourself.

The Staten Island EDC drove thru St. George, Tompkinsville and Stapleton on Tuesday.

It will also be on display in others parts of the borough through next week.

The Gondola would connect Staten Island to the Hudson Bergen Light Rail in Bayonne.  

Commuters could link up with the PATH to Manhattan after that.

The Staten Island EDC is seeking a private developer to make the project a reality.

Mayor DeBlasio has called the plan appealing.

"People like it. Its something different. It's something interesting and the people of Staten Island are just frustrated with the lack of transportation options. So, I think they're intrigued by this," said President & CEO Cesar Claro. 

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